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About Us


This is an accountability group

And help you become successful entrepreneurs

This is an accountability group


That will not let you fail

And help you become successful entrepreneurs

This is an accountability group


And help you become successful entrepreneurs

And help you become successful entrepreneurs

And help you become successful entrepreneurs

What we do


We will not let you fail

This is Your Accountability Group that will support you take your Business to the Next Level. We will not let you fail.

We are the global and local network whose intention is to get you the tools, support, and connections to get your business to the next level. If you are successful, we support you to get you to that next level mark. This is not like any other business club where every month an ordinary speaker speaks and at the end they try to sell to you some book or CD set. This is your millionaire accountability group, who will not let you fail.  We won't pitch you at all.  Our mission is to educate you by bringing in the best in the business and to give you the tools to help you and your business succeed.


We don't teach you how to become successful, we create successful entrepreneurs

The best way to become one is to learn from our local and global success entrepreneurs, who have been there, done that, and continue to make money in their business. Now our members are being taken on this journey. You strategise and network each month with local millionaires / business owners in your area. We have clubs in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and Copenhagen.  We continue to expand because as we expand it helps you succeed. 

Every entrepreneur strives to become a millionaire. At first, it's all about the money.. and being financial free, owning your own business that is thriving and successful, and is giving back to the world. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. For some, being a millionaire means having a lot of money in your business account, for others, having a successful business that generates millions means you can help more people.

To become a millionaire in this economy you can't be afraid to fail. There are a lot people that are more talented than you, smarter than you, but what you have is the first that burns inside you, what you will have is a network and a movement backing you with the wind behind your sales. It isn't an easy ride, it's a lot of hard work, but with the right connection and the right mindset, you are unstoppable.


The Importance of Connecting for Entrepreneurs

Connecting is powerful in many different ways. Not only entrepreneurs will feel inspired and motivated after attending specific meetings, but also many exceptional opportunities can occur if they impress potential investors or business partners. Do not forget to be yourself and present your company the way you want other people to see it in order to create honest fundamentals for one potential business relationship.

Create a plan with specific goals that you need to follow. Know when, where and why you are going to an event, what your goals are and what do you want to achieve with your attendance to this particular meet up. As an entrepreneur your time is very important and you must have clear vision of what you are going to spend it on. Cautiously select your options and choose the one that will bring the most advantages to your business. It is widely known that connections come as a result of other connections and as usual the hardest part of the whole network-building process is the start.

In the era of communication, it is unnatural to limit yourself by staying solely local, even if your business is devoted to the local community. Attending international meetings and reaching out to people from around the world will expand your vision and improve your business approach. Meeting other entrepreneurs, angel investors, bloggers and all other business enthusiasts will inspire you to reach for your personal improvement.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Every successful person has to jump.  If you are getting up everyday and not giving it your all, you are just existing in life.  You are not here to simply “exist”.  As an entrepreneur, you are passionate and you have embraced what you are good at.  You know your strengths and you have identified your weaknesses.  Now it’s time to build on what you are good at, and find others to fill in the gaps of where you are lacking.  Go out today and meet someone new.  Every day have a goal to meet 5 new people, and build on those relationships.  Get out of your comfort zone, and make this commitment.

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