Daily strategy calls to face the crisis

In time of confinement IMN PARIS is changing its activity in order to interact with our community in a daily basis.  This short free call is mainly addressed to business owners and entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants. 

Nonetheless it can benefit to anyone who feels a need for more energy, more structure to address their day, or a plan for the time we are lockdown.  

Each week day, we are together. Find out more in the video below. 


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Just because you are stuck at home doesn't mean that everything has to stop for your #entrepreneurship lifestyle and especially your work ethic shouldn't have to suffer.
Get organised and ready just as you would for a day's work.

Having control over your daily activities is what will keep you in the game, no matter if we are talking about your #business or personal life.

IMN Paris, premium #businessclub in Paris is launching starting Monday, March 23rd, a series of #free Daily Strategic Zoom Calls, in order for the #community of independent entrepreneurs to receive support and structure during these few weeks of confinement.

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Monday to Friday

9.30 AM 


The key to build a successful business strategy

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Breaking News - March Mastermind

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 As an entrepreneur, implementing a successful business strategy early on, will save you the trouble of readjusting every step of the way 


Although there is no fixed formula for establishing a bestselling business, the entrepreneurs that are willing to succeed are guiding themselves by some well put-together strategies that have been proven rewarding for a lot of business owners.

In most recent webinars, we have discussed about "How to boost sales" and "Pricing Strategies" and so working our way up to incorporating all the information received into a more lucrative theme about "Building a successful business strategy" .

This is the age of growing entrepreneurship and we all know that competition is ever present and expanding. So coming up with a winning model for your business venture or service is your best bet on having that much needed head-start.


This event is an online webinar and in order to receive access, you must be registered.

Date And Time

Tue, March 17, 2020

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM CET

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Online Event

75000 Paris


Find out the best way to increase your business

What You Can Expect?


Do Business

Do Business


With Successful Keynote Speakers and ask questions you always wanted to ask them

Do Business

Do Business

Do Business


Locally and Globally (with chapter members on 5 continents)​


Do Business



Hands-on Workshops,​Tools, Support and Right Business Connections

What You Will Get?

Focus on Your Needs

Fast Track to Success

Focus on Your Needs


Local meetings run each month that bring in international and local business experts who shares their strategies and secrets to their Business Success

360° Approach

Fast Track to Success

Focus on Your Needs


All members participate in hands-on Workshops covering different topics of business and specifics on how to make it a Success

Fast Track to Success

Fast Track to Success

Fast Track to Success


You are given access to every member from all over the world via our membership platform, where you can search by Industry to help your business grow beyond your local community 

5 Reasons Why You Must Come!


Be part of an international network of successful business people




  1. If you are passionate about running your own business, however, big or small, part time or full time or if you are looking to set up a new business too.
  2. We bring in local or global millionaires, high-level business owners, CEO s of top companies for you to learn from, network with, and ask your questions to. Each speaker will be aligned to help you achieve the goals you are looking to achieve with your business. Our guest speakers speak to you with the intention to share his/her journey, tribulation, and failures. 
  3. This is a creative mastermind and brainstorming space where entrepreneurs come to share their experience, their knowledge, their challenges and tips on how to avoid mistakes in business.
  4. We have chapters all over the world. You can meet hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, build partnerships, share their message, knowledge, challenges and strategies of building a business all within this network.
  5. You have the opportunity to find connections, built partnerships, grow your business, start a business and/or find your next business opportunity locally and/or globally!

There will be live interactions between members where your questions will be answers and you will get the information and motivation to reach your next level. 


This event is for…

Entrepreneurs, Property Investors, Speakers, Coaches, Start-ups or people who don’t have a business  yet. THIS IS NOT an event for your EMPLOYEES​. 

What are you going to get after spending 3 hours at this event?​

  • More Growth (personal and business)
  • More Connexions 
  • More Business Opportunities
  • More like-minded friends you enjoy spending time with 

​Are you curious or serious? Don't worry, there is no catch. We just want your success story. P.S. It doesn't matter where you are, all that matters is where you want to be and putting the action plan together to get there! We are going to help you create your action plan.  But only if you come to the event!

No Excuses. Lets make your 2019 your best year ever.​

Remember, when we get rid of our excuses, we will find our results.


"Success occurs when your dreams are bigger than your excuses"


Contact Us to Join Us

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Come to see us in person!

We love our members, so feel free to visit during our monthly meetings and have the opportunity to become part of an international high-end network.